YrrY combines two of the world’s oldest means of making music – voice and percussion – in new and surprising ways. For this iteration of Borealis Ung Komponist they join forces with cellist Carmen Bóveda to form a quartet. Together they explore acoustic, electronic and physical possibilities in improvised and newly composed music. Vocalist Mari Garcés specialises in classical score music and free improv, focusing on the ability of the voice to express feelings and identity. Percussionists Håkon Skjæret and Owen Weaver share a passion for new music and unconventional instruments, also working together in Bergen’s BIT20 Ensemble as performers and educators. Carmen Bovéda is a cellist and founder of the string quartet Rosella which aims to renew classical music and support experimental projects. She has also played and collaborated with renowned artists such as Aurora, Gabrielle and DePresno. 

Photo: Thor Brødreskift/Borealis