Amalie Dahl

Amalie Dahl is a Danish saxophone player based in Oslo, with a background in Jazz from NTNU in Trondheim, Norway. With improvisation as form, she has developed a distinct sound spanning the quiet and nuanced to the most outspoken. With curiosity she is constantly seeking to expand her sonic vocabulary and vision through personal sound and unconventional techniques. In her sonic landscapes she employs brief melodies with textures and multiphonics. As bandleader of Amalie Dahl's Dafnie she received excellent reviews for the debut record released in 2022. She also plays in several other projects, such as SUPERSPREDER, Dahl/Dalen/Søvik and Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, and works with musicians like Paal Nilssen-Love, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten and Signe Emmeluth. In September 2023 Amalie released her first solo album Memories under Sonic Transmissions Records.

Photo: Margit Rønning Omholt