Issát Sámmol

Issát Sámmol from Biggejávri in Kautokeino is a musician, singer, joiker, songwriter, author and playwright. In 2004, he began developing juoigganas – his own two-string joik instrument, which he completed in 2008 and debuted at the Kalevala festival in Russia. String joik is a completely unique way of performing joik, and with juoigganas he further develops this type of joik from what is traditionally done with a single string, to be done with two. Issát has performed with joiks in the Sámi Grand Prix final a total of five times, and has been awarded the Áillohaš Music Prize. He has performed at the Norwegian Embassy in Athens, been support for Mari Boine and the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, and collaborated with Greek folk musicians and indigenous South American musicians. Additionally, he translates fairy tales and fables into Northern Sámi, such as H.C. Andersen. Issát is highly valued for his work with promoting Sámi art and culture both in and outside of Sápmi.