Jakop Janssønn

Jakop Janssønn is a drummer and composer from Romssa/Tromsø. Since his bachelor's and master's degrees in Jazz Performance and Composition, he has slowly moved his focus to his cultural roots and the Sámi music scene. His music is motivated by the preservation and renewal of Sámi language and traditions, and reflects a seamless blend of tradition and innovation in the contemporary Sámi musical landscape. Jakop works with individual projects as well as in collaboration with a wide range of Sámi artists, from Marja Mortensson to Mari Boine. Noteworthy contributions have earned him three Norwegian Grammys with Marja Mortensson and Moddi, as both a musician and a co-producer. Actively involved in commissioned works, Jakop has crafted compositions for festivals, films, theater, and ensembles, for instance The Norwegian Radio Orchestra. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Artistic Research with the title Sámi ritmmat / Sámi Rhythms.

Photo: Knut Åserud