Jalvvi Niillas Holmberg

Jalvvi Niillas Holmberg is an award-winning author, scriptwriter and musician from Ohcejohka/Utsjoki on the Finnish side of Sápmi. In the field of music he works as a vocalist, composer and lyricist, with six released albums. Besides his solo career he has performed with philharmonic orchestras and several genre-defying bands. His literary works include prose, poetry, plays and a feature film, with a novel and six books of poetry published and translated into more than ten languages. Additionally, Niillas is known as an upfront advocate for Sámi and indigenous people's rights to self-determination. For more than a decade he has been involved in movements against extractivism in the traditional Sámi areas. The thematics of his works often encompass land-based knowledge and anti-colonial aspects.

Photo: Lada Suomenrinne