Kim Myhr

Norwegian guitarist and composer Kim Myhr is interested in both simplicity and complexity. His music is both melodic and involving massive clouds of sound, meditative and full of unexpected ruptures. Kim's interested in big events impacting the listener as well as delicate small details in the sound. Although it operates in the spaces between opposites, Kim's music can fundamentally be called an orchestral exploration of the guitar. This has led him to the 12-string guitar, and between 2013 and 2018 he performed well over a hundred solo concerts with the 12-string guitar in different parts of the world. In 2018 he released the album You | Me, which combined the soundscape of four 12-string guitarists with three percussionists. He further expanded this instrumentation with organ and synthesizers on his 2022 release Sympathetic Magic. In recent years, large collective events have become increasingly important in his music, and as a composer he has made large-scale works for ensembles such as Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, Australian Art Orchestra and the Canadian string quartet Quatuor Bozzini. His work has received great acclaims, and been nominated for the Nordic Music Prize and the Norwegian Grammys.

Photo: Orfee Schuijt