Lotte Anker

Lotte Anker is a Copenhagen-based saxophonist and composer working in the hybrid and fluid field between improvisation, experimental jazz and modern composed music. As a performing composer she is particularly interested in the subtle dynamic between free improvisation and compositional practice, with a special emphasis on the potential of sound materials and space. Lotte has collaborated in many group projects, like the trio ANKER/TABORN/CLEAVER, known and celebrated for their adventurous, intensely hypnotic and lyrical music, and What River Ensemble, in which the individual voices of the musicians melt together to form different dreamlike landscapes and realities. Lotte has performed with some of the world's leading improv musicians, such as Fred Frith, Ikue Mori, and Joëlle Leandre, and has toured all over the world. In 2022 she was awarded the Danish Arts Foundation lifetime honorary, for her uncompromising music described as "unfiltered musical poetry".

Photo: Heike Liss