Rádio-JusSunná/Sunna Nousuniemi is a queer Sámi and Finnish audiovisual artist and storyteller from Anár, Sápmi/Enare, Finland. Their artistic path emerged when grabbing their father’s video camera in the early 20000’s to document their daily life together with their best friends in Anár. Through film, discussion, music and installation as artistic expressions, Rádio-Jus-Sunná seeks ways to participate in the building of more livable communities. In recent years, they have examined how to create art that derives from decolonial daydreaming, rest, and Sámi land-based practices while divesting from grind culture*. At the core of their practice lays the Northern Sámi language, landscapes of home, local histories and cultural conservation.
*Grind culture is the belief that people must work hard and be productive to prove their worth.