Wimme Saari

Wimme Saari is one of Finland’s most celebrated vocalists, known for combining joik with contemporary improvisations, techno and ambient sound. Wimme crafts a sound journey that is both reflective and uplifting, frequently depicting the tranquil vistas and huge expanses of his native Finland, encouraging the listener to delve deeply into their own feelings. An Indigenous Sámi from north-west Finland, Wimme began making joiks at a young age but it wasn’t until 1986, when working in the Finnish radio archives and discovering recordings of his uncle joiking, that he had a revelation proving to be an decisive impetus. In 1990 he met saxophone and clarinet player Tapani Rinne, and with his band RinneRadio they began experimenting with modern joiks. Later known as the duo Wimme & Rinne, this spawned a continuing collaboration of award-winning ambient experimental music.

Photo: Matti Berg