Borealis Listening Club #35 : Season Startup with Solros

When: Wednesday 25th of August
Where: Studio 207 & Online
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Borealis Listening Club (BLC) is back!
Welcome to a new season with music and sounds of all genres, reflections from a range of perspectives, popcorn, fun sodas and listening in Studio 207 in Strandgaten and Online! Come join us for the season startup on Wednesday 25th of August and bring your friends! Listening host Peter Meanwell has the playlist ready for the first gathering, with music from the American singer songwriter Beverly Glenn-Copeland. In 1986 Glenn-Copeland released the legendary album “Keyboard Fantasies”, which in 2021 was re-released with remixes of the tracks. We are going to listen to the opening track on this new record, with the artist Kelsey Lu. Kelsey Lu is an American singer and classically trained cellist who works in the realms of electronics, pop and R&B. 

New to the season is that we will give our taste buds an experience too, and for each BLC we invite food enthusiasts in Bergen to create a tiny edible experiment to spice up the listening. To kickstart our tastebuds we have got together with the fantastic bakery in Marken; Solros! They will deliver pastries with miso caramel to all the adventurous listeners of the first get-together of the season. This year’s BLC welcomes everyone who is physically present in Bergen, but also those who wants to listen in from home. Come join us in Studio 207 or Online!

20.00–21.00 We listen to music in Studio 207 & Online (sign up Online HER)
21.00–22.00 Taste adventure and more listening (Studio 207)

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