Borealis 2021 was amazing!

Five days – both Live&Online – with music, conversations, performances, workshops, swimming, FM Adventures, sun, rain and last but not least boats singing to the fjord. Borealis continues Online for the next 4 weeks – more info om this soon! But in the meantime enjoy the sight and sound of Magne Viking, Trollfjord, Nordnorge and the Norwegian… Continue reading Borealis 2021 was amazing!

New Podcast Released: Talking Experiments

We are thrilled to release our new podcast Talking Experiments bringing you personal insights into the brilliant and fun minds of some of our Borealis 2021 artists, composers and performer! Get to know the people behind the music and experiements – spanning the musical, social and political. The podcast is presented and produced by the amazing Christiane… Continue reading New Podcast Released: Talking Experiments

Borealis Recommends in December

Christmas holiday is right around the corner. Although Christmas food is yummy we also need some food for the soul – which the holiday actually gives time for. We recommend you listen to Beatrice Dillon’s debut album Workaround which is listed on The Guardian’s Best Albums of 2020. Maybe you also need to rebel a bit during the holidays – in that case… Continue reading Borealis Recommends in December

POSITIONEN Review of Borealis 2020

The german music magazine POSITIONEN features a review of Borealis 2020 in its newest issue! A much needed reminder that beautiful things happened in 2020…  “In the city of Bergen, surrounded by the rugged fjord landscape of Western Norway, the festival for experimental music was dedicated to the most urgent and topical social issues, something… Continue reading POSITIONEN Review of Borealis 2020

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Borealis Samtale: Eavesdropping

I den nyeste episoden av vår podcast Borealis Samtale hopper vi tilbake til 2019 og samtalen med Joel Stern – kurator for Liquid Architecture, en ledende australsk organisasjon for kunstnere som arbeider med lyd. I samtalen diskuteres landskapet mellom det lydlige og det politiske ved bruk av konkrete eksempler fra Liquid Arcitechture sitt prosjekt Eavesdropping med spesielt fokus på… Continue reading Borealis Samtale: Eavesdropping

Borealis Listening Club: Togetherness

SIGN UP FOR THE BOREALIS ZOOM LISTENING CLUB HERE For our fourth gathering of the season we will meet up digitally, where we will be exploring Togetherness through music, the digital format and in conversation with the audience. On the programme this time is an excerpt from South African artist Candice Breitz’s Legend (A Portrait of Bob Marley) from 2005,… Continue reading Borealis Listening Club: Togetherness