Join in on developing a piece for Borealis 2023 with Alwynne Pritchard!

Composer and performer Alwynne Pritchard is looking for people to help her develop a sound installation and performance which she is writing for BIT20 Ensemble, and which will premiere during Borealis 2023! The first part of the development is happening now in October: Sunday 17th and Thursday 28th. The first day will happen outdoors, and the second day will take place in the Grieghallen. Are you interested, or want to know more? No prior skills required!
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Alwynne Pritchard is known for her impactful scenic performances, and has been artistic director both for Borealis and BIT20 Ensemble. She started the musical theatre company Neither Nor in 2015 with her partner Thorolf Thuestad, and has graced stages in Norway, France, Italy, Germany and UK.

Safe or not?

Photo: Johanne Karlsrud

Going to a concert, club, performance or exhibiton should feel good for everyone. The Norwegian advocacy association Balansekunst (the art of balance) who work to promote gender equality and diversity in the arts, is collaborating with the City of Bergen and a diverse set of music organisations across town, including Borealis, to investigate people’s experiences of feeling safe or unsafe in the city’s cultural venues. If you live in Bergen do consider filling out this questionnaire, so we can all do better. 

First Programme Release Borealis 2022

Several major projects planned for 2021 were put on hold when the pandemic hit but as the fog eases here in Norway these exciting artistic visions can finally be realised. Borealis announces five major projects commissioned for the 2022 festival from Norwegian and international composers, improvisers, sound artists, musicians and set designers! Borealis 2022 takes place 16–20 March in Bergen, Norway in various venues across the city and will offer everything from concerts, installations, performances, workshops, talks, radio, film, hot club nights and icy baths – this time without the pandemic’s restrictions and uncertainty

Mirsaeed tells us about the first gathering with Borealis Ung Komponist 2022!

From the left: Astrid Solberg, Peder Niilas Tårnesvik, Johan Sara Jr, Karoline Wallace, Mirsaeed Hosseiny Panah 
Photo: Thor Brødreskift

Borealis Ung Komponist 2022 started in the first week of September, and the four composers met for the first time together with the ensemble they’re creating music for, as well as their mentors both physically and on screen. The participants had four intense days together – one kick-off day to start the project and three workshop days together with the first mentor, Johan Sara Jr and TABULA RASA

Composer and santur player Mirsaeed Hosseiny Panah is one of this year’s participants. His interest in different genres has led him to study both classical and jazz music, as well as classical music from his home country Iran. Mirsaeed is a newly graduate from Norwegian Academy of Music and is starting his journey as a composer by participating in the Borealis Ung Komponist program.

Borealis at Ultima

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17 September Borealis participates in the symposium Islands On The Move at Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival together with lots of amazing national and international collaegues.

“We cant wait to collectively look at the challenges ahead and find the best solutions and good ideas to how we can, and should , manouvre into the future.” Tine Rude, Managing Director at Borealis.

Look for images of solidarity with us and Marshall Trammell in the Puclic Library….

11 September between 12.00–15.00 CET we’ll be in Bergen Public Library, in UROM on the 2nd floor. Together with you we’ll be collecting inspirationa and material for Marshall Trammell’s project Warrior Ethos/Warrior Ecologies. We ask you to find an image that makes you feel welcome here in Bergen. It’s easy to take part, free of charge and can take up as little (or much) of your time as you like. Marshall will be joining us via Zoom from his home in Oakland, California.

Borealis Recommends: September

The Ekko Festival

The next couple of months offer up some amazing cultural happenings here in Bergen. We recommend you check out the programme of our friends at the EKKO Festival, the international theatre festival Meteor and film festival BIFF

We’ve been listening to this record over and over again – now it’s your turn. Krympende klode by Jørgen Træn & Stein Urheim which premiered at Borealis in 2020 and was commissioned by the festival is now released on Norwegian label Hubro. Go buy!

Don’t miss out on Borealis Listening Club!

Welcome to a new season with music and sounds of all genres, reflections from a range of perspectives, popcorn, fun sodas and listening in Studio 207 in Strandgaten and Online! Come join us every last Wednesday of the month, and bring your friends!

New to the season is that we will give our taste buds an experience too, and for each BLC we invite food enthusiasts in Bergen to create a tiny edible experiment to spice up the listening.

Check out the Facebook events for each month:

PSST! In September the day is moved to a Tuesday.

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They are new and they’re ours

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This autumn sees new additions to our little team and an expansion of an existing position. It’s a true joy to have Émilie Fanor-Fontaine, Andrea Lopez Robles and Runa Halleraker with us and to see our team member Abigael Asgedom take on new and challenging tasks. The four of them have backgrounds in art, film production, social work and event management and will be lifting Borealis to new hights.