This purchase is governed by the standard Norwegian Sales Conditions for consumer purchases of goods over the Internet. Consumer purchases over the Internet are mainly regulated by avtaleloven (The Contracts Act), forbrukerkjøpsloven (The Consumer Purchases Act), markedsføringsloven (The Marketing Act), angrerettloven (TheRight of Withdrawal Act) and ehandelsloven (The E-commerce Act), and these laws give the consumer inviolable rights. The laws are available at The terms of this agreement are not to be understood as any limitation of the statutory rights, but present the most important rights and obligations of the trade for both parties. 

The terms and conditions have been prepared and recommended by Forbrukertilsynet (The Norwegian Consumer Protection Authority). For a better understanding of these sales conditions, see their guide here.

1. The Agreement

2. The Parties

3. Price

4. Agreement Conclusion

5. The Payment

6. Delivery

7. Risk 

8. Right of Withdrawal

9. Delay and Non-Delivery – the Consumer’s Rights and Deadline for Reporting Claims

10. Defects in the Product – the Consumer’s Rights and Complaint Deadline

11. The Seller’s Rights in the Event of the Consumer’s Default

12. Personal Data

13. Conflict Resolution