Abdu Ali's as they lay (online only)

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Words by Temi Odumosu
Poetry by Mecca Verdell

One wild Borealis night in March 2016, Baltimore native, queer black diva, Abdu Ali brought Bergen to a standstill with their spellbinding, uplifting live performance at Landmark. In 2021, following a year when even the thought of cramming in to a sweaty room to dance with 100s of other people starts to feel a bit uncomfortable, Abdu Ali returns to Bergen with their fluid curatorial project, as they lay.

For Borealis 2021 as they lay will present a short investigative film amplifying the solidarity and collective consciousness around being a Black artist. It also explores the connection within the diaspora and creates a dialouge between Baltimore and Bergen, USA and Scandinavia. The film will be a non-linear experimental project that will use dialogue, sound, and archival footage to create a sensory study of the transnational experiences from a selection of Black artists. The presentation will be followed by an open discussion centering Black voices. This project will be led by Baltimore based artists Abdu Ali and Markele Cullins. 

This event seeks to prioritise Black voices in the discussion, but all who are interested are invited to join the event.


Photo: Micah Wood and Amira Green

Supported by Fritt Ord Foundation, Vestland County Council and City of Bergen