Cine Latino x Borealis: Bixa Travesty (film)

Bergen Kino

Directors: Claudia Priscilla, Kiko Goifman
Country: Brasil 2018
Language: Portuguese, subtitles in English.
Length: 1h 15 min

Bixa Travesty is a documentary exploring gender, sound and defiance documenting Brazilian performance artist Linn da Quebrada. Using her body as a transgender person to attack sexism, racism and transphobia in Brazil, between striking concert footage, Linn da Quebrada tells about growing up as an outsider in the favela in São Paulo, and how she fights prejudice in Brazilian popular music.

As part of our first ever collaboration with Cine Latino – Bergen's very own film festival dedicated to Latin American films – Bixa Travesty was chosen by Borealis festival composer Marcela Lucatelli: “I saw Bixa Travesty in Brazil, on a big cinema screen. I experienced it as a very intimate, gripping and empowering film, which takes the local oppression and violence towards black and queer people and folds it into cheeky sci-fi narratives, non-normative erotics and dark visceral dance music, where binaries become mere cracks to be laughed at. With Linn da Quebrada, ''trans'' is the new ''post'' and the body a weapon beyond any ideology or philosophy.”

Presented in collaboration with Cine Latino