Nikima Jagudajev – Basically

Bergen Kunsthall

You can arrive whenever suits you during the performance: 18:00–00:00. The performance has no beginning or end and can be experiences whenever you feel like it, and for how long as you want.

Nikima Jagudajev – choreography
Jordan Balaber & Lester St. Louis – composition
Bård Aarvik – guitar, dancer
Nikoline Ursin Erichsen – composition, dancer
Amalia Wiatr Lewis – dancer
Emmanuel Diela Nkita – dancer
Salomon Poutsma – guitar, dancer
Julie Silset – DJ, soundtrack performer
Magnus Håland Sunde – tie dyeing, textile production
Alexandra Tveit – dancer
Marie Ursin – dancer

In a year where cultural events have been forced to reimagine how they exist, Borealis is excited to collaborate with Bergen Kunsthall on a special evening presentation of choreographer Nikima Jagudajev’s project Basically. Jagudajev has been present at Bergen Kunsthall throughout this winter developing Basically through auditions, conversations and discussions. The project culminates in several performances which involve local musicians, dancers and artists as well as her international collaborators composers Jordan Balaber and Lester St. Louis. Her practice is mostly concerned with the format of gatherings. Nikima's works engage participants and audiences in open-ended situations which collectively make up space and deviate.

Cyclical and meditative in its structure, Basically is a durational performance work encompassing dance, music and slower forms of gathering. Featuring a repertoire of choreographed sequences, all of which can be danced at any given moment throughout the day, the work can be visited at any point during the performance.

Presented in collaboration with Bergen Kunsthall.
The exhibition Basically is a core element and framework for Bergen Kunsthall's live programme Speculative Histories. The performances are co-organised with Oktoberdans, BiT Teatergarasjen and Borealis.
Supported by Re-Imagine Europe, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.