Øyvind Hegg-Lunde, Øyvind Skarbø & Fredrik Rysjedal – PSST2

Åsane kulturhus
Åsane kulturhus

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This concert is both Live&Online. 
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World Premiere

Øyvind Hegg-Lunde – musician, composer, direction
Øyvind Skarbø – musician, composer, direction
Fredrik Rysjedal – animation, video, direction
Hans-Olav Molde – sound designer
Andreas Johansen – lighting designer

Warning: very bright lights are used during parts of the concert

PSST2 is a new performance inspired by digital culture. Imaginative creative music meets a visual universe of screens and constant impressions, not dissimilar to that we all face in our everyday lives. What does a screen-based world do to our bodies, really? How does it affect our focus? Our ability to recall information? And what happened to our patience? Is there room for new ideas when the mind is never at rest?

In PSST2 these questions are linked up to the many existential challenges facing teenagers: Dreams about the future, a million thoughts about everything and nothing, strong emotions, strong opinions – never is this more present than in our teens. PSST2 is a non-verbal universe where the borders between the actual and the fictitious are blurred. 

Øyvind Hegg-Lunde and Øyvind Skarbø are two of Norway's leading creative drummers and composers. Illustrator Fredrik Rysjedal is at the forefront of developing digital illustration. Together they have also created Psst! (2017) –  a performance for children that received high acclaim and reviews.

Photo: Fredrik Rysjedal

Thanks to students and teachers at Åsane High School.
Commission supported by Arts Council Norway.