Resonating Nordnes: FM Adventure


This Resonating day in Nordnes is filled with other adventures too. Book a spot to swim to a bespoke effervescent soundtrack created for Nordnes sjøbad by artist and composer Jenny Berger Myhre; book a place with Det Elektriske Korps’ alternative electric marching band workshop JOIN THE DANCE OF LIFE, combining 8-bit techno and neon colour schemes with marching band manoeuvres, or book a seat at Cinemateket to experience an exciting programme of films for kids and adults. Welcome to a vibrating Nordnes!

After a year of shifting advice and restrictions, and still no clear end in sight, Borealis embraces the airwaves to bring sound and vibration to the Nordnes area of Bergen, utilising gaps in the now mostly unused FM radio spectrum. Take your family out for an aural stroll around Nordnes – the air is for everyone! Bring along your old FM radio or borrow one from our FM-headquarters in Strandgaten 207 and go on an FM Adventure exploring sound works broadcast on micro-FM networks across different parts of the peninsula – whether it's exploring Karen Werner’s hyper local community radio SkottegatenFM, sounds from our collaborators RUMMUR_radio and Bergen Kringkaster all over the peninsula, an environmental treat from Diné and Xicana artist Autumn Chacon in collaboration with south Sámi artist Carola Grahn. for the sounds of Borealis Radio Space blasting along Strandgaten where you can stop by our beautiful neigbours Palmera and Aerial for their take on a listening station. Also the galleries at Lydgalleriet and Hordaland Kunstsenter are open for a visit and Havrommet's places foodtrucks in their outdoor space so your hungry souls can be fed.

A turn of the dial will bring you through the crackle and fizz of the FM bands to different aural treats. Socially distanced and not a mounted seat in sight!

Photo: Lars Doksæter

Presented in collaboration with SkottegatenFM, RUMMUR_radio, Bergen Kringkaster, Hordaland Kunstsenter, Lydgalleriet, Palmera, Aerial and Havrommet.