Resonating Nordnes: Experimental film at Cinemateket i Bergen

Cinemateket i Bergen


10.00–10.35: Fantastic Gardens (35’) (children)

11.30–12.20: A Song Often Heard on the Radio (50’) (adults)

13.00–13.35: Fantastic Gardens (35’) (children)

14.30–15.20: A Song Often Heard on the Radio (50’) (adults)

Fantastic Gardens:

Mirai Mizue (JP) – Chaotic Order

Marie Menken (USA) – Glimpse of a Garden

Marie-Pierre Bonniol (FR) – Babylone

Jodie Mack (UK) – Something Between Us

Tableau#3 (FR) – Jardin Fantastique

Ishu Patel (CN) – Paradis

A Song Often Heard on the Radio:

Jenna Sutela – nimiia cétiï

Krsto Papić – Nek se cuje i nas glas (Let Our Voices Be Heard Too)

Raven Chacon/Cristobal Martinez – A Song Often Played On The Radio 

This Resonating day in Nordnes is filled with other adventures too. Book a spot to swim to a bespoke effervescent soundtrack created for Nordnes sjøbad by artist and composer Jenny Berger Myhre; book a place with Det Elektriske Korps’ alternative electric marching band workshop JOIN THE DANCE OF LIFE, combining 8-bit techno and neon colour schemes with marching band manoeuvres, or go on an FM Adventure around the peninsula. Welcome to a vibrating Nordnes!

Exploring Fantastic Gardens through animation, film and light in a special programme for children, and presenting three artist films about communication and memory with Martian languages, Yugoslavian farmers and New Mexico explorers – Borealis teams up with Cinemateket to present an afternoon of experimental moving image! 

*This event is part of Borealis’ Resonating Nordnes day exploring the Nordnes peninsula through sound and image. Resonating Nordnes is inspired by Eva Kun and Arne Ingvaldsen’s 1990 project Mellom Rommene, which filled physical gaps in the City with art. In 2021 after a year of social distancing, Resonating Nordnes seeks to fill unseen gaps with sound in precarious times. Read more:

Fantastic Gardens – short films for kids (35 minutes)

Meet a world of colourings forming a cosmos, crystals dressing a garden of colors, a mystery in the marshes and a bird that transforms a palace. With films by Mirai Mizue, Marie Menken, Jodie Mack, Ishu Patel, Marie-Pierre Bonniol, Isabelle Dehay

These films for children are curated by Experiment 120. Recommended for children from 7+. 


A Song Often Heard on the Radio – short films for adults (50 minutes)

Experimental films that explore ideas of communication and memory, from Finnish artist Jenna Sutela’s audiovisual work using machine learning to generate a new written and spoken language, via Krsto Papić’ 1970s portrait of Yugoslavian farmers creating community through pirate radio, to featured festival composer Raven Chacon’s short drama in collaboration with Cristobal Martinez about rival explorers in the New Mexico desert who come to understand their true identities.

Presented in collaboration with Cinemateket i Bergen and Experiment 120