Resonating Nordnes: Jenny Berger Myhre at Nordnes sjøbad

Nordnes sjøbad

Book a spot directly with Nordnes Sjøbad via the Buy Ticket link above. The tickets go up on their website 9th of March at 12.00.

This Resonating day in Nordnes is filled with other adventures too. Book a place with Det Elektriske Korps’ alternative electric marching band workshop JOIN THE DANCE OF LIFE, combining 8-bit techno and neon colour schemes with marching band manoeuvres, or book a seat at Cinemateket to experience an exciting programme of films for kids and adults. The whole peninsula will also be filled with experimental sound via unused FM-frequencies, so pick up an FM-radio at our office in Strandgaten 207 and go on an FM Adventure.

Welcome to a vibrating Nordnes!

Sea swimming has always been important to Borealis, and there is nowhere better than at the historic Nordnes Sjøbad. As part of our Resonating Nordnes day, Borealis has commissioned a bespoke effervescent soundpiece for Nordnes sjøbad from artist and composer Jenny Berger Myhre. Living in Oslo, when she visits Bergen, whatever time of year, Jenny is happy to join the Borealis team for their weekly sea swim, and this scrapbook of sound for sea swimming is  full of bubbling synths and Jenny’s quirky musical ideas to accompany your dip in the warm pool or the freezing sea! 

*This event is part of our Resonating Nordnes day exploring the peninsula through sound and image. Resonating Nordnesis inspired by Eva Kun and Arne Ingvaldsen’s 1990 project Mellom Rommene, which filled physical gaps in the City with art. In 2021 after a year of social distancing, Resonating Nordnes seeks to fill unseen gaps with sound in precarious times. Take an aural stroll around Nordnes – the air is for everyone!

Presented in collaboration with Nordnes sjøbad.