Ricardo Odriozola – Rainbows Stretched as Endless Reins

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World Premiere
This concert will be performed LIVE 20 March at 11.00 and can be seen ONLINE 21 March 13.00

Jostein Stalheim – Av garde 5'
Dániel Péter Biró – Moshe Went Up 2'
Kari Telstad Sundet – Reticence (verdenspremiere) 13'
Mogens Christensen – Dreamless Fragments 10'
Tim Hodgkinson – The Landscape Theory of Mind 10'
Kathryn Alexander – Rainbows Stretched as Endless Reins 15'

Ricardo Odriozola makes his dream come true for Borealis 2021 when he performs a solo violin concert with the most challenging repertoire of his career. This test of strength will be performed in the grand hall in Gimle in Bergen. How far can a performer stretch? Where's the limit?

Odriozola, a violinist born in Bilbao in Spain, works as an Associate Professor at the University of Bergen's Grieg Academy. He has manoeuvred through the experimental music scene his whole career and brings out both old acquaintances and new friends for this solo concert, including a world premiere from Norwegian composer Kari Telstad Sundet whose work he admires. Pieces written by previous and present Professors at the Grieg Academy, Mogens Christensen and Dániel Péter Biró are presented and Av garde by Jostein Stalheim is the very piece that gave its name to the concert series for new music here in Bergen. The American composer Kathryn Alexander's music landed in Ricardo's lap as a young performer and Tim Hodgkinson's work is according to Odriozola himself the hardest piece he's ever had to learn. One world premiere, 3 reunions and 2 new acquaintances make up the repertoire as Ricardo Ordriozola puts himself to the test, and perhaps you as well.

Photo: Isabel Odriozola

Commission by Kari Telstad Sundet is supported by Morten Eide Pedersens Minnefond.