Borealis Ung Komponist

Borealis Ung Komponist
Bergen domkirke


NOK 200/175/125
*World Premieres*

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Mirsaeed Hosseiny Panah – Textual Memories 15'
Karoline Wallace – Nær 15'
Astrid Solberg – healing pamper, no talking 15'
Peder Niilas Tårnesvik
Vi Beveger Oss Sammen 15'

Sigrun Jørdre – soprano 1
Elise Thorgersen Varne – soprano 2
Zsuzsa Zseni – alto
Tord Kalvenes – tenor 1
Arild Rohde – tenor 2
Jakub Adam Niedziela – bass

Johan Sara Jr, Camille Norment, Harpreet Bansal & Øyvind Torvund

Photo: Thor Brødreskift/Borealis

For our 2022 instalment of the Borealis Ung Komponist programme, four emerging compositional voices meet vocal ensemble TABULA RASA for an evening showcasing diverse musical visions. Mirsaeed Hosseiny Panah draws on old memories, both of Persian musical modes and landscapes rooted in memory, to create a textural world that lives and is shaped by the mouths of the singers. Karoline Wallace plays with distance, pulling tones from folk music history in to the present, and stretching our listening capabilities to hear and experience both up-close and far-away. Astrid Solberg adds technology to the mix as she probes ideas of control and improvisation, leaning on Guitar Hero style visual scores to create human machine hybrid performers. Closing the evening Peder Niilas combines the power of voices and electronics in a series of swirling soundscapes evoking melancholy, rain and a storm of drones.

With mentoring over a year by composers Harpreet Bansal, Camille Norment, Johan Sara Jr. and Øyvind Torvund, the Borealis Ung Komponist programme creates the possibility for new musical worlds through knowledge exchange and gives space for collective problem solving and experimenting to today's emerging composers in Norway. Today's concert will be followed by a tour of these new commissioned works around venues in Vestland county.

Presented in collaboration with Bergen Cathedral
Commission supported by Arts Council Norway. Project supported by Morten Eide Pedersens Minnefond, Arts Council Norway, City of Bergen and Vestland County Council