ICI Concert for 1: Benjamin Soistier – Jeu de sens

ICI Konsert for 1: Benjamin Soistier – Jeu de sens
Kulturhuset i Bergen


NOK 100


NOK 100


NOK 100

This piece is for an audience of 1, and lasts for 30 minutes.
Don't miss the sister performance in the room next door:
Gwen Rouger – Tente de chantier

Benjamin Soistier – concept & musician
Nicolas Perrin – electronics

The piece is part of the concept ICI in Kulturhuset i Bergen, created by soundinitiative for Borealis.

A solo audience member enters the room alone, is blindfolded and seated at a sound table. Once headphones are placed on your ears, a sound journey igniting the imagination begins! Jeu de sens, is literally a sensory game, and as a participant in the piece, alongside the works creator Benjamin Soistier and performer Nicolas Perrin, you will affect the outcome of what you hear. Immersed in sound, with nothing to rely on but your ears, just reach out and touch the various incongruous objects and instruments in front of you and see where your imagination leads…

Travel support from Institut français de Norvège.
soundinitiative is supported by the Ile-de-France Regional Direction of the Ministry for Culture and by the Ile-de-France Region.