Resonating Nordnes

Resonating Nordnes

Borealis Office | Strandgaten 207
Get info and a map, pick up a radio or buy a bolle from local super bakery Solros!

Check out the detailed programme for a full overview of the day!

These events are ticketed, the rest is free of charge:
Niilas – Musikk for sjøbading (concert & swimming)
Avgarde Treningsmusikken (work-out)
Cinemateket i Bergen: Green Bank Pastoral (film)

Connecting places and people with sound, broadcasting across the small peninsula where Borealis is based, amplifying our amazing colleagues and collaborators – Resonating Nordnes!

Welcome to a day of sonic adventuring – just grab a map, take your pick of sound and music events across Nordnes, and join it all up with some FM radio hunting! Whether it’s listening to Niilas in the sjøbad or samtidsmusikk circuit training, visiting exhibitions or seeing a film, there’s something for everyone at Resonating Nordnes. Check out the detailed programme for the day underneath!

Detailed Programme


Presented in collaboration with Nordnes Sjøbad, Cinemateket i Bergen, Avgarde, Lydgalleriet, aerial, aldea, BEK – Bergen senter for elektronisk kunst, RUMMUR Radio, Radio Multe, Bergen Kringkaster & Hordaland Kunstsenter