Borealis Samtale: On Rational Intonation with Catherine Lamb, RAGE Thormbones & Khyam Allami

Borealis Samtale: Om 'Rational Intonation' med Catherine Lamb, RAGE Thormbones & Khyam Allami
Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek – Storsalen



The conversation will be in English. The conversation will also be streamed live on

Catherine Lamb
RAGE Thormbones: Mattie Barbier & Weston Olencki
Khyam Allami

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Ilustration: sketches by Catherine Lamb.

Join composer Catherine Lamb to get between the notes, and explore the exciting musical world of Rational Intonation. Whilst many of us know music as the notes on the piano keyboard, there is a whole world of sound that exists, if we just find another way to hear it. Drawing on maths and physics, Rational Intonation, is a method of creating new tools for music making and composing, opening up new possibilities for sound creation. Catherine is joined on stage by experimental trombone duo, RAGE Thormbones, and online from Berlin, Iraqi-British multi-instrumentalist and composer Khyam Allami, whose research explores the intersection of tuning and music technology.

Presented in collaboration with Bergen Public Library
Borealis Samtale is supported by Fritt Ord
Commission supported by Arts Council Norway. Project supported by Goethe-Institut and the International Coproduction Fund. Co-produced in collaboration with MaerzMusik - Festival for Time Issues