Borealis Samtale: Marshall Trammel on The Moon Is Down: The Status Quo Is My Enemy

Borealis Samtale: Marshall Trammel om The Moon Is Down: The Status Quo Is My Enemy
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The conversation will be in English.
Marshall Trammell – composer, percussion, archivist & Borealis' Artist in Residence
Anine Fatou Bråten – writer & activist
Dora Poni J. Loro – social worker, child welfare worker & activist
Carol Stampone – author, performer & philosopher
Wengeal Abebe – student

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Join Borealis artist in residence Marshall Trammell and performers from his festival premiere The Moon Is Down: The Status Quo Is My Enemy to discuss the intertwining of sound and performance, ideas and activism. Inspired by the Norwegian WW2 resistance movement,  over his  Artist Residency with the festival Marshall has been translating ideas of solidarity and resistance in to sound practice, drawing on the lived experiences of Bergenser to culturally situate his activist work in Norway. The resulting piece, for 5 voices and percussion, was workshopped and created with five women from Bergen and premieres the day before this conversation takes place. In light of the premiere they take time to reflect on the process and how the language of resistance can be translated in to artistic contexts. 

Borealis Samtale is supported by Fritt Ord Foundation
Artist in Residency Marshall Trammells projects and commission are supported by Arts Council Norway