Lydlagerlaging (workshop for kids)

<i>Lydlagerlaging</i> (workshop for barn)
Åsane Bibliotek


NOK 100

Kjersti Alm Eriksen – workshop moderator

There are limited places available for this workshop, so get your tickets fast!
The workshop is designed for school age children, 6+ with parents to assist where necessary. The adult assistant gets in for free.
The workshop involves use of basic craft materials including scissors, string, glue, metal wire, pliers etc.
If you need to bring smaller children too, Åsane Bibliotek has an excellent children’ section that can keep the small ones entertained. 

The Lydlagerlaging-workshop will also happen as part of Family day at BEK! Sunday 19 March.

Illustration: Kjersti Alm Eriksen

Fresh from her world premiere collaboration with Pinquins the night before, artist Kjersti Alm Eriksen leads a workshop for children and their parents. Kjersti’s work centres around analogue machines and the way that they embrace failure or imperfection. For Borealis she’ll be leading you through the construction of sound making machines – centred around a small motor that drives a DIY kinetic machine that can make sound in different ways, using every day objects like tin-cans, cardboard and tin foil etc. Each participant will get to take their little machine home with them, with the potential to expand it or use it in different ways outside of the workshop, opening ears and minds to the potential of all sounds and objects to create art.

Presented in collaboration with Åsane Bibliotek