Eva Pfitzenmaier – Elevator music

Eva Pfitzenmaier – <i>Heismusikk</i>
Heiser i Bergen sentrum
Free entry

Take part in the elevator concerts! The concerts are for free and can be experienced in any order.
The elevators are close by each other, in buildings on these addresses:
Fortunen 3
Fortunen 7
Strandgaten 18 (2 elevators)
Strandkaien 16

Eva Pfitzenmaier – composer & voice
Eline Rafteseth – double bass
Ingebjørg Loe Bjørnstad – voice
Owen Weaver – percussion
Patricia Michlits – recorders

Photo: Tove K Breistein

You push the button to go up. The elevator door opens. Oh, wow! A double bass? Never shared a particularly small elevator with a double bass? Elevator doors are closing – Enjoy the ride!

Reinventing the genre of Elevator Music*, Bergen based composer Eva Pfitzenmaier invites you into five of her favourite elevators, hidden in neo-classical buildings across the city centre, for impromptu performances in tiny spaces. Each of the 20 brand new compositions will be performed by your very own elevator musician in the most intimate of settings. Whether voice, double bass, percussion or recorder, the duration of each piece will be determined by which floor you need to get off at, and your listening experience moulded by your fellow passengers. Through exploring miniature as form and format the composer will try to – mentally and metaphorically – transport the listener out of their daily routine within a mere 30 seconds. The intimacy and absurdity of the situation guarantee a unique meeting between performer and audience – possibly comical or awkward, possibly unexpected or otherworldly, but undoubtedly exclusive.

Take a stroll through the City on Saturday afternoon, and build your own surprising concert programme of instrumental miniatures, and enjoy a performance so up-close that it’ll beat even the front row at Grieghallen. All are welcome, and the free concerts operate on a drop-in basis, just call the elevator!

*sometimes called Muzak, not always popular!

Presented in collaboration with BIT Teatergarasjen
Supported by City of Bergen, The Norwegian Composers’ fund, TONO, FFUK – Fund for Performing Artists & Norwegian Society of Composers