Jiennagoahti (Lyttegammen): Margrethe Pettersen

Jiennagoahti (Lyttegammen): Margrethe Pettersen
Torrfjellet, Fløyen



In Jiennagoahti you will listen to pieces Sanselig Samhørighet & Láibmat by Margethe Pettersen


  • You need to buy a ticket to attend a listening session at Jiennagoahti.

  • There's 4 sessions each day and each session is 1 hour long.

  • There's only one ticket available per slot. BUT Jiennagoahti can accomodate up to 10 people, so bring your friends, family or kin groups to listen with.

  • The nominal ticket fee goes towards the cost of firewood to warm the space. Tea and coffee will be provided in the Jiennagoahti as you listen. 

  • Jiennagoahti is situated on Torrfjellet, accessible by foot, a 10–15 minute walk from the Fløibanen Upper Station. Accessing the site is mostly via paths, but involves walking over uneven ground for the last 200m, which is not suitable for wheelchairs or baby strollers. See full access instructions.

  • Warm clothing and good shoes is essential for a good experience! On average it's always colder up on the mountain than in the city. Check the weather forecast before you go up and make sure to dress accordingly.

Photo: Ben Speck/Borealis

Welcome to the festival’s most unique listening space, high up on the mountains surrounding the city of Bergen – Jiennagoahti (Lyttegammen)! An artwork dedicated to listening, Jiennagoahti is a unique space for listening to Sami sound art, experimental music, poetry and literature. Initiated by artist Elin Már Øyen Vister in dialogue with Sami artist and architect Joar Nango, together with Lydgalleriet and Bergen Sámiid Searvi (Bergen Sami Association) the artists have realised the project from idea to completion.

Built from wood, and covered in turf, a goahti is a traditional Sámi home construction and the Jiennagoahti is a place for contemplation and being together where cultural expressions can be experienced in close proximity to nature, thanks to its unique solar powered sound system. Nature is inextricably linked to Sami culture, and the location in the Bergen mountains is a reminder of how nature’s intrinsic value is linked to cultural identity and history.

For our festival collaboration, Jiennagoahti will host a sound work by Sámi artist and florist Margrethe Pettersen. Through her multifaceted practice Margrethe seeks to challenge the modern perception that divides culture from nature, drawing on her Sami roots and the oral tradition of knowledge dissemination in the north. Her works often use a place, a plant or a river as the starting point. She methodically collects plants, sounds and other materials, and moves her body in the surroundings she looks into. In giving plants and their surroundings a voice, she is attempting to activate thought processes, both for herself and for others, in order to facilitate a more complex relationship and care for more than humans.

Presented in collaboration with Jiennagoahti & Bergen sámiid searvi. Jiennagoahti is curated and administered by artists Sážžá Káhtariinná (Katarina Dorothea Isaksen) and Elin Már Øyen Vister.
Project supported by KORO (national body for art in public space), Sámediggi, City of Bergen, Vestland County Council & Arts and Culture Norway