Musikk for sjøbading: Viktor Bomstad – Mosku

Musikk for sjøbading: Viktor Bomstad – <i>Mosku</i>
Nordnes Sjøbad


World Premiere

Viktor Bomstad – composer, guitar, vocal, electronics

The ticket gives you access to the pool, sauna and wardrobes from 10.00
Concert 11.00–12.00

Photo: Cecilie Trogstad Johnsen

Get ready for clouds of noise to descend as experimental guitarist and joiker Viktor Bomstad presents his new work Mosku (northern Sámi for black fog). Commissioned to be performed for a swimming audience at the unique Nordnes Sjøbad, those floating in the heated outdoor salt water pool can expect desolate landscapes, feverish meditations on noisy themes sprinkled with the occasional glimmers of hope!

Working with vocals, guitar, synthesisers and electronically processed sounds, Viktor’s work is intimately connected with the Sámi joik, and his interests in the archival recordings of traditional vocal practice. His recent album Sámi Noise welded together noise, joik, sampling and fuzz sounds to paint images of suppressed native culture, anger and rejuvenating freedom. As the ​​regional musician in joik, a prestigious position given in the northernmost Norwegian county, Viktor is able to explore the roots of joik in Omasvuotna/Storfjord, and combine it with his training in and passion for improvisation. 

Borealis’s partnership with Nordnes Sjøbad grew out of our love for cold water swimming, and our Musikk for Sjøbading commissioning series has invited exciting young artists from Norway and Sápmi to create unique work for this iconic part of the city’s cultural landscape – with previous commissions going to Jenny Berger Myhre, Niilas, and Mira Thiruchelvam. 

Presented in collaboration with Nordnes Sjøbad
Supported by Arts and Culture Norway