Closing Concert: Signe Emmeluth – ALT

Avslutningskonsert: Signe Emmeluth – <i>ALT</i>
Åsane kulturhus


World Premiere

19.00–19.30 Pre-concert conversation with Signe Emmeluth

Signe Emmeluth – composer, alto saxophone

Aksel Øvreås Røed – alto saxophone
Amalie Dahl – alto saxophone
Heidi Kvelvane – alto saxophone
Isak Hedtjärn – alto saxophone
Kjetil Møster – alto saxophone
Klaus Holm – alto saxophone
Lotte Anker – alto saxophone
Mette Rasmussen – alto saxophone

Photo: Peter Gannushkin

When small becomes big – explosively creative improvising saxophonist and composer Signe Emmeluth translates her unique solo soundworld to a gathering of 9 alto saxophone players! 

In this new commission closing the 2024 festival Signe is not trying to create a new saxophone ensemble but to explore how the gathering of 9 unique voices can create a unison. In collaboration with some of the brightest stars across generations of Scandinavian creative music – Mette Rasmussen, Amalie Dahl, Lotte Anker, Isak Hedtjärn, Klaus Holm, Kjetil Møster, Heidi Kvelvane og Aksel Røed – Signe will choreograph the differences in timbre, expression and phrasing to create one giant alto saxophone, full of different cells inside. 

Most often found at the intersection of jazz and improvised music, Signe is known for her constant boundary pushing , and this commission gives space to explore the compositional side of her work through a unique setting of like-minded musical experimenters. Having written for large ensembles at both Molde and Vossa jazz festivals ALT is the next chapter in this exciting artist’s journey to explode her musical vision beyond her own playing. 

Supported by Arts and Culture Norway, City of Bergen, TONO, Norsk Jazzforum & Nordic Culture Point. Part of New Perspectives for Action – a project by Re-Imagine Europe, co-funded by the European Union.