Borealis x Laugaren: Sonic Sauna

Borealis x Laugaren: Lydbadstue




  • Wear swimwear in the sauna, and bring your bathrobe if you have one.

  • You can change in the changing area that is curtained off inside Laugaren, or under your towel in the common area.

  • In order to keep the sauna clean, bring two towels – one to dry yourself off with, and another to sit on.

  • Bring your own water bottle to stay hydrated.

  • It’s possible to have a dip in the fjord from Laugaren if you need to cool down – do not swim alone.

  • Alcohol is not allowed.

Photo: Fredrik Bedsvaag

Borealis teams up with Laugaren, a new floating sauna and cultural space in Bergen, for a unique sonic sauna experience. Built and planned by an amazing team of volunteers, Laugaren explores how the sauna can operate as both a social and cultural space, bringing together people from all walks of life to spend time together in the heat. As part of our 2024 festival, Borealis is excited to share its focus on collective listening, providing unique soundtracks for the week’s sauna goers, curated by Borealis artists, staff and audience. Book at place at the Sonic Sauna through the Laugaren website!

Presented in collaboration with Laugaren