Ánndaris Rimpi – Birástiddje beljustallam (sound installation)

Ánndaris Rimpi – <i>Birástiddje beljustallam</i> (lydinstallasjon)



Bio Ánndaris Rimpi


  • The work will be presented three times a day, and you need to book a ticket to take part in the listening sessions: 12.00–12.45, 13.30–14.15 or 15.00–15.45

  • Every listening session lasts 45 minutes with the option to stay in the room for a while after

  • The listener (you) will be lying on the floor in a circle with other listeners with you head in towards the circle. If you are not comfortable listening in this position you can of course take in the sound piece in any way that's best for you

Friday 15 March, 19.00–20.00
Meet the artist: Ánndaris Rimpi talks about the piece

Photo: Xin Li

Lydgalleriet and Borealis join forces to present an eight channel sound installation by Sámi artist Ánndaris Rimpi, Birástiddje beljustallam (trans: sharpened listening to your surroundings). Constructed from elements of Ánndaris’ sound practice across installation, performance and music, this new electroacoustic work, diffused on Lydgalleriet’s custom-made, hand-built surround sound system, aims to create space for focused listening, and to give the listener the potential for inner travel. 

Now living in Gothenberg, Sweden Ánndaris seeks in his art to find a place in the city for his Sami home village of Oalloluokta. He elevates the field recordings from both Gothenburg and Oalloluokta and cultivates tunes and rhythms to create a new musical world. 50 Hz is the frequency of the main electrical current, the hum that we constantly surround ourselves with – a fundamental tone of modern life. Similarly we are constantly bound by the pace of the clock, the second hand ticking at 60bpm. Bringing together this tempo and fundamental tone, the listener is given a basis to find their way into their safest place and from that place of safety, they can travel to another place free from the surrounding city.

Presented in collaboration with Lydgalleriet
Part of New Perspectives for Action – a project by Re-Imagine Europe, co-funded by the European Union.