Tickets can be purchased at TicketCo or at the door for each event depending on capacity.

This year we offer you Borealis Pass and Borealis Klippekort (Clip Card) as well as Single tickets.

The Borealis Pass gives you the cheapest tickets to Borealis 2022!

With The Borealis Pass you can buy tickets to all our events for only NOK 50 regardless of the regular price. The Borealis Pass gives you super cheap access for 5 full days with new musical experiences from Bergen, Norway and around the world, new sounds across genres, talks, films, exhibitions, workshops and family events all over the city!

NOK 300 / 400 / 500

Borealis Klippekort gives you 3 events at a very reasonable price.

The clip card is not personal and you can use multiple clips at the same event. So this is the perfect gift, or maybe you want to invite a friend to Borealis?

NOK 300 / 375 / 450