Access instruction to Jiennagoáhti (Lyttegammen)

Jiennagoáhti is situated on Torrfjellet, accessible by foot, a 10–15 minute walk from the Fløibanen Upper Station. Click here for a guide on Google Maps.

Here is an image guide:

When you exit Fløibanen, go to the Information sign and take a left, following the direction towards Brushytten.

When you see the climbing park, take the sharp bend up to the right, still towards Brushytten.

Walk until you see a bench, here you take off onto a wide path.

Soon after you’ll see a sign that says Torrfjellet / Jiennagoahti, pointing to a smaller path.

Follow it for a couple of minutes, and keep going until you see Jiennagoáhti down on your right hand side:

Photo: Julie Lillelien Porter/Lydgalleriet