How can Borealis do better?

We believe that the audience at Borealis is as important as the people performing, and so we’d like to know a little more about the experience you’ve had. We want to make the festival a place where the art is as exciting as possible, and the audience feels welcome and part of a shared community of adventurous listeners. Your feedback will help us with this. 

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Listen to the conversations again!

Before and during Borealis 2024, Vers Libre presented specially curated mixes from festival artists and breakfast shows with live guests. They also replayed the Borealis Conversations that were part of the festival programme, on Sámi listening practices, cultural erasure and the complexity of experimenting with tradition.

Now you can listen to the playlists and conversations online!

There’s some talk about us…

Masterfully programmed
A sought-after space to try out new ideas
An intense and intimate experience
Again, Borealis challenges the ways we listen
A project so wild that only Borealis could to take it on

Pricing System & Tickets

Artist in Residence 2022–2024

Sea Sámi and Norwegian artist and musician Elina Waage Mikalsen has been our Artist in Residence 2022–2024. Over two years, Elina has with support by the festival explored the interaction of Sámi history, identity and erasure with experimental sound, music and listening practices. Asking the question “What is Sámi sonic experimentalism?” together we will explore who defines experimentalism, who is listening and how, and what frames define how we take part in listening?

Borealis webshop

We have a soft spot for nice merch and have for several years had a lot of fun making everything from gym bags and socks, to caps and bum bags. Get a hold of our beautiful range of merch in our webshop! Get yourself a Borealis bag, or make a friend happy with a pair of “experimental” socks.