Join our festival team!

Several payed part-time positions are now opening up in Borealis! We have a team of six people working throughout the year, but as the festival approaches, we need more hands and energy to contribute to the realisation of the festival in March. We’re looking for a Volunteer Coordinator, Transport & Logistics Coordinator, Ticket Coordinator and Event Managers. Would you like to be part of our team?

Application deadline: Friday 20 October

Seminar on Sámi experimental music 

On October 19 & 20, we are organising Šuvva – a workshop in Tromsø together with Elina Waage Mikalsen. This is a platform for Sámi artists and musicians interested in sound and music from the in-between spaces. The participants will come together to get to know each other, present their practices, listen to music and discuss how we relate to sound through presentations, listening sessions, conversations and shared meals. 

New season of listening

Autumn is upon us and so is a new season of the Borealis Listening Club in Studio 207! Set aside the last Wednesday of every month to eat popcorn and listen to crazy music with others. 

Agnes Hvizdalek new Managing Director of Borealis

It’s a great pleasure to announce that Agnes Hvizdalek is the new Managing Director of Borealis! She officially starts her new job on September 1 and we can’t wait to have her as part of the Borealis Team.

Follow Elina’s project on Instagram

Now you can follow Borealis Artist in Residence Elina Waage Mikalsen‘s journey exploring Sámi experimental music, sonic practices and ways of listening on Instagram! The brand new platform Šuvva is a space for Sámi artists and musicians making sounds from the margins.

Look back on Borealis 2023

2023 brought us some mind-blowing musical experiences, from modern “heavy metal” by gamelan trailblazer Dewa Alit to an electronic listening feast by legend Maryanne Amacher, music by the fjord with Tamil roots from Mira Thiruchelvam to experimental sounds from Sápmi presented by Elina Waage Mikalsen… and so much more. Watch our sum-up and go back!

50 guitars to Borealis 2024

Kim Myhr does special things with guitars and brings his visionary approach to the instrument to Borealis 2024.  For his Borealis commission he will create dynamic physical sound worlds with the help of 50 12 string guitars engaging everyone from rusty guitar heroes, eager high school students and enthusiastic camp fire musicians in Bergen and surrounding area. 

Artist in Residence 2022–2024

We’re delighted to welcome Sea Sámi and Norwegian artist and musician Elina Waage Mikalsen as our next Artist in Residence at Borealis. Between 2022 and 2024, supported by the festival, Elina will develop a research, engagement and performance programme that explores the interaction of Sámi history, identity and erasure with experimental sound, music and listening practices. 

Borealis webshop

We have a soft spot for nice merch and have for several years had a lot of fun making everything from gym bags and socks, to caps and bum bags. Now you can get a hold of our beautiful range of merch in our brand new webshop! Get yourself a Borealis bag, or make a friend happy with a pair of “experimental” socks.