Marshall Trammell in Bergen in October

From 2020–2022 Marshall Trammell, aka Music Research Strategies (MRS), is Borealis’ Artist in Residence taking over after Jenny Moore who completed her residency with us after the 2020 edition of the festival! Since the autumn of 2020 Marshall has been working with us and our collaborators remotely from his home in Oakland, California and now he’s finally in Bergen! Between the 17–28 October he will, together with us, be hosting a number of gatherings and workshops for you to take part in. We hope you want to experience Marshall’s methods for connecting music, improvisation, social activism and political discourse this autumn and winter.

March isn’t as far off as you think…

Several major projects planned for 2021 were put on hold when the pandemic hit but as the fog eases here in Norway these exciting artistic visions can finally be realised. Borealis announces five major projects commissioned for the 2022 festival from Norwegian and international composers, improvisers, sound artists, musicians and set designers! Borealis 2022 takes place 16–20 March in Bergen, Norway in various venues across the city and will offer everything from concerts, installations, performances, workshops, talks, radio, film, hot club nights and icy baths – this time without the pandemic’s restrictions and uncertainty!

Meet the young composers of Borealis Ung Komponist!

It’s an absolute joy to announce the 4 new participants of our Mentor Programme Borealis Ung Komponist: Mirsaeed Hosseiny Panah, Astrid Solberg, Peder Niilas Tårnesvik and Karoline Wallace! All four are both performers and composers and between them they master jazz vocals, cello, santur and electronics. We can’t wait to follow them as they compose music for vocal ensemble TABULA RASA which premieres at Borealis in March 2022.

Read about the first gathering with Borealis Ung Komponist 2022!

Borealis Ung Komponist 2022 started in the first week of September, and the four composers met for the first time together with the ensemble TABULA RASA and the four mentors. The participants had four intense days together, three of which were workshop days together with the first mentor, Johan Sara Jr. We asked Mirsaeed Hosseiny Panah, one of this year’s participants, how it all went!

Mirsaeed is a composer and santur player. His interest in different genres has led him to study both classical and jazz music, as well as classical music from his home country Iran.

Watch the conversations from Borealis 2021

On the occasion of Borealis 2021, we invited some of this year’s contributors to talk about their creative processes and collaborations. Relive these conversations with Andreas Borregaard and the composers behind the works he premiered during Borealis 2021, and the conversation with composer Raven Chacon and his two co-conspirators, Candice Hopkins and Dylan Robinson, who together reflect on how the score can be more than just notes on a sheet of paper.