Interesting ongoing debate in Norwegian media on scored music and political correctness

There’s an ongoing debate on the online Norwegian music magazine about scored music in festivals for New Music and ‘politically correct’ curation. The debate was sparked by a text published on by Norwegian composer Jon Øivind Ness where he expresses his concern for scored music’s future using Borealis as an example. Musicians and composers Jennifer Torrence, Astrid Solberg, Elias Nurmi Schomers and Inga Margrete Aas first wrote a response, followed by one from the leaders of Borealis. We translated our response, but do also check out the other texts on

How it felt and looked

Borealis 2021 happened in Bergen, Norway from 17–21 March and was blessed with an amazing audience that took part in concerts, workshops, performances and conversations. We want to thank our audiences who took part – both Live&Online. We’re grateful for the energy and life you brought to the festival! Enjoy the photos from Borealis 2021.

All Episodes of Talking Experiments out now

We are thrilled to have released our new podcast Talking Experiments bringing you personal insights into the brilliant and fun minds of some of our Borealis 2021 artists, composers and performers! All 5 episodes are out now with Andreas Borregaard, Raven Chacon, Ricardo Odriozola, Ruth Bakke & Anne Marthe Dyvi and Øyvind Skarbø, Øyvind Hegg-Lunde & Fredrik Rysjedal.

Artist in Residence Marshall Trammell

From 2020–2022 Marshall Trammell will be Borealis’ Artist in Residence taking over after Jenny Moore who completed her residency with us after the 2020 edition of the festival! For now Marshall is with us remotely from his home in Oakland, California.