Borealis turns 20!

It will be 20 festivals since Borealis was born, which means 20 years of amazing experimental music, and in 2023 Borealis is looking back (and forward!) at what music and listening can be! We’ll be announcing artists as we go, reflecting on those who have been key in building the festival over the years, as well as those who we see taking experimental music in to the future, and we’ll also be asking for your memories and reflections, so watch this space! First up we’re excited to announce three artists who in their own way is shaping the Norwegian music scene. With inspiration from Sápmi, Laksevåg, Jaffna and the ionosphere Elina Waage MikalsenMaia Urstad and Mira Thiruchelvam will create new connetions and sounds for Borealis 2023.

Get your Early Bird Borealis Pass now!

The first bits of the Borealis 2023 programme are out, and there’s more greatness to come! Make sure you secure your Early Bird Borealis Pass now – the best and cheapest way to experience the whole festival. With your Early Bird Borealis Pass you can access all tickets to Borealis events for only NOK 50,– !

Artist in Residence 2022–2024

We’re delighted to welcome Sea Sámi and Norwegian artist and musician Elina Waage Mikalsen as our next Artist in Residence at Borealis. Between 2022 and 2024, supported by the festival, Elina will develop a research, engagement and performance programme that explores the interaction of Sámi history, identity and erasure with experimental sound, music and listening practices. 

In deep with Luke Drozd

During the autumn we will publish in-depth interviews with all the participants in this year’s Borealis Ung Komponist. We have had a chat with artist and cultural producer Luke Drozd! Luke has slowly integrated sound in his artistic practice, often utilising spoken word elements in performances and recordings. This will be his first time composing a piece that is not at all being carried by his own voice within the performance!

Borealis webshop

We have a soft spot for nice merch and have for several years had a lot of fun making everything from gym bags and socks, to caps and bum bags.

Now you can get a hold of our beautiful range of merch in our brand new webshop! Get yourself a Borealis bag, or make a friend happy with a pair of “experimental” socks.