Information Pack: Plans for Future Operas

Borealis welcomes you to a Relaxed Performance of Plans for Future Operas by Øyvind Torvund!

This information is to help you decide if this performance is for you. Content notes, including what happens in the show, are further down in the document.

The Space

The show is in Multisalen at Åsane Kulturhus. You can read about their facilities here. There will be seats on risers. There will be a stage. The stage will have some people, some musical instruments and a large screen with a film of drawings shown on it. 

The people on stage

The performers are Juliet Fraser, who will sing, and Mark Knoop, who will play the keyboard. The composer is Øyvind Torvund. There will also be Music Therapist Karin Mössler who will introduce the Relaxed Performance, and talk a little in the breaks.

Lighting and Sound

  • At the beginning, there will be gentle lights on both the audience and the performers. The light on the audience will fade during the performance. 
  • There are no flashing lights.
  • There is no haze.
  • During the film, the performers will play music and sing.
  • Some of the music is a little loud and there are some sudden loud percussive sounds on the piano. There is no sustained, loud noise.


The Relaxed Performance is presented in three segments of 15 minutes each. Before each segment begins, Composer Øyvind and Music Therapist Karin will talk a little. They may talk to you and other audience members. You don’t have to talk with them if you don’t want to.

Sometimes you may be encouraged to join in. You don’t have to if you don’t want to.

Access Information

  • The performance is 1 hour long, with three segments of 15 minutes each. There will be two breaks of 5 minutes each.
  • Latecomers will be permitted.
  • Ear defenders are available to borrow from the box office for anyone who might find these useful.
  • There are accessible toilets in the building.
  • There is a designated chill out space outside of the performance space that is available during the Borealis events at Åsane Kulturhus. Ask any member of staff and they will show you to the room.
  • The performance at 14.00 is relaxed. This means you can move or make noise if you need to. You can go in and out of the performance space.
  • The relaxed performance will be sensory adaptive. This means that the lights will be kept on at a low level throughout the performance. The music will be turned down a little bit. The performance will be friendly and comfortable for people who have sensory sensitivities.

Content Notes

This performance is a series of short animated drawings together with music from piano and voice.  


Here are some images of the venue:

Here are some images of the performers:


Here is a trailer of the piece: