Join in on developing a piece for Borealis 2023 with Alwynne Pritchard!

Composer and performer Alwynne Pritchard is looking for people to help her develop a sound installation and performance which she is writing for BIT20 Ensemble, and which will premiere during Borealis 2023! The first part of the development is happening now in October: Sunday 17th and Thursday 28th. The first day will happen outdoors, and the second day will take place in the Grieghallen. Are you interested, or want to know more? No prior skills required!
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Alwynne Pritchard is known for her impactful scenic performances, and has been artistic director both for Borealis and BIT20 Ensemble. She started the musical theatre company Neither Nor in 2015 with her partner Thorolf Thuestad, and has graced stages in Norway, France, Italy, Germany and UK.