Join in on exciting happenings with Marshall Trammell in Bergen!

Feeling at Home
Join us in the search for pictures that you think represents feeling at home and welcome in Bergen! It’s simpel to take part: meet at the library cafe entrance. Here you can meet us and Marshall, roam around the library and take a picture of an image you find in a library book with your phone and share it with us and Marshall!

Monday October 18th 11.00–13.00 (read more about the event HERE)
Tuesday October 19th 11.00–13.00 (read more about the event HERE)
(Tuesday October 19th 16.30–18.30: special event for Borealis volunteers)
WHERE: Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek, Strømgaten 6

Come see Marshall perform with his drums at Victoria on Thursday! During the same event there will also be a concert by Bergen’s saxophone genius Kjetil Møster, the drummer Dag Erik Knedal Andersen and British bass legend John Edwards. 

WHEN: Thursday October 21st 20.00–20.30 (read about the event HERE
WHERE: Victoria Cafe & Pub, Kong Oscars gate 29

Marshall is leading two improvisation workshops at the culture house Wrap on the 23rd and 24th of October! Marshall is preparing a new work for our 2022 festival, and will as part of the process be leading a workshop on improvisation strategies and remapping instruments based on his own performance practice.

Saturday 23rd of October 13.00–16.00 : Improvisation with all instruments (read more about the event HERE)
Sunday 24th of October 13.00–16.00 : Improvisation with drums and percussion (read more about the event HERE)
WHERE: Culture house Wrap, Møllendalsveien 58

The workshop will be lead in English
Register by sending an email to :

Marshall is our guest during this month’s Listening Club, where he will pick out some tracks that we will listen to together with listening host Peter Meanwell. There will also be another taste experiment, this time chocolate and chili, and soy sauce caramel ice cream from Hallaisen!

WHEN: Wednesday October 27th 20.00–22.00 (read more about the event HERE)
WHERE: Studio 207, Strandgaten 207 and ONLINE