Re-Imagine Europe

Borealis is thrilled to be part of the new project of Re-Imagine Europe, a collaboration of fourteen interdisciplinary arts organisations across Europe. The network has received support from the Creative Europe programme for the project New Perspectives for Action, starting in February 2023.

New Perspectives for Action  is a four-year transnational co-creation and circulation project by Re-Imagine Europe,and builds on the results of the previous Re-Imagine Europe project (2017–2021). New Perspectives for Action aims to equip and empower young Europeans through artistic practices to better withstand societal challenges triggered by rapid climate change. To achieve this aim, the project responds to the needs of artists, organisations and audiences.

Re-Imagine Europe is a collaboration of Paradiso and Sonic Acts (The Netherlands, Elevate Festival (Austria), INA GRM (France), A4 (Slovakia), Borealis (Norway), KONTEJNER (Croatia), BEK (Norway), RUPERT (Lithuania), Disruption Network Lab (Germany), Semibreve (Portugal), Parco d’Arte Vivente (Italy), Kontrapunkt (North Macedonia) og Radio Web MACBA (Spain). New Perspectives for Action is co-funded by the European Union.

Photo: Radiant Live by HC Gilje, Paradiso Amsterdam. Commissioned by Sonic Acts as part of Re-Imagine Europe. Photo by George Knegtel.