• Icaro Zorbar – Shaping Lines

  • 07.03 – 31.03
  • Lygalleriet
    Østre Skostredet 3
  • Utstillingåpning:
    Torsdag 07.03 18:00–19:00 Gratis

    Tirs–Fre 11.00–16.00
    Lør-Søn 12.00–17.00
    Pris: 20,–/Gratis inngang med gyldig festivalbillett!

Colombian artist Icaro Zorbar’s installation Shaping Lines at Lydgalleriet captures parallel and contradictory situations with recorded, sculptural and live material concerning the experience and endurance of time. Through his work, Icaro consistently questions the nature of being human. In order to navigate this existential labyrinth he composes narratives where different technologies entwine within a certain space. Some of those installations struggle to keep going, and like us, demand specific care. These scenarios he call assisted installations and Icaro will be performing some of these for the opening of his exhibition at Borealis.

These reincarnations of obsolete technologies, like reel-to-reel tape and record players, affirm the unstable physical and sonic analogies where limitations, gravity, electricity, tricks and fragility operate at the same time. His work lies somewhere between works of art, machines, and games consisting of screens, science fiction, and mirrorings, conjuring an uneasy but beautiful world.

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