Welcome to Bergen and Borealis 2019!

This page will help you out with some practical info on our tickets, accesibility, venues, and nice places to stay and eat & drink. We want you to get the best of Borealis and Bergen.

First of all: bring warm and waterproof clothing. March is almost springtime and the temperatures will be sneaking in to the plus zone, but it’s worth to remember that Bergen has the same amount of rainy days as a rainforest. Bring a raincoat with you, if you have one. Be prepared! As they say in Norway: ‘Det finnes ikke dårlig vær. Det finnes bare dårlige klær’ – There’s no bad weather, just bad clothes!



Tickets can be purchased here on our website, at Ticketco.no, at our Festival Office at Bergen Kunsthall, and at the door for each event.
We accept Vipps, cards and cash at ticket sales at the door.

There is limited capacity for some events, and we ask everyone to meet up well in advance to secure a spot or a seat.

The doors open 30 min. before announced concert or event start.

Borealis Festival Office is a Bergen Kunsthall, Rasmus Meyers allé 5. Here you can get tickets, pick up your Festival Pass or Day Pass, buy Borealis merch or collect the music from this years festival artists at our Borealis Record Shop. You can get all info needed of the festival or specific events.
Opening hours: 6th-10th March, 11-17

Festival Pass gives access to all events during Borealis, Day Pass for a specific day. Please note that access with both passes is dependent on available capacity. We therefore ask everyone with Festival Pass and Day Pass to meet up well in advance. You can also reserved a spot for spesific events space by sending an e-mail to billett@borealisfestival.no with with your name and event no later than 3 days before the event takes place.

Borealis offers several free events. You can secure a spot for these by choosing a free ticket on our website or Ticketco.no. And you can of course also at these events just met up by the door.

When you have a valid ticket you can also get access to the exhibitions at:
Bergen Kunsthall, Hordaland Kunstsenter og Lydgalleriet.

We are helpful in accessing all venues, but unfortunately are not all venues equipped with the same level of accessibility. We wish to facilitate for everyone, so please feel free to contact billett@borealisfestival.no so we can plan any assistance. See also more info about each venue below.

Borealis accepts Companion Certificate. Ordinary ticket is purchased and it is then free access for the companion. Please let us know beforehand at billett@borealisfestival.no, so we can reserve 2 spots and clarify accessibility. More information on accessibility for our venues follows below.

Some venues have age limits when alcohol is serves at the bar. But Borealis is for everyone, so you just need to be accompanied by an adult, who then fills out the Guardian form. The guardian must have their own ticket as well.


For Borealis visitors we have a good hotel deal with Augustin Hotel, Grand Hotel Terminus and Hotel Zander K. All hotels are located centrally in Bergen. Book your hotel at www.debergenske.no and type the code “bore123” in the Promo Code and then enter date and number of people. Festival prices will then appear.

Eat and drink:

Below you will find our favorite restaurants and cafes. Norwegians are one of the nations who drink the most coffee in the world.

Landmark Café
Rasmus Meyers allé 5

Godt Brød
Vetrlidsallmenningen 19

Øvre Korskirkeallmenning 5

Vaskerelven 14

Kafe Special
Christies gate 13

Bergen Kaffebranneri
Kong Oscars gate 10

Skostredet 5

Christiesgate 11

Amalies hage
Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek
Strømgaten 16


Borealis is present at 16 venues in Bergen. All venues will be well marked so you can find us! Several places served refreshments so hang out with us before and after the event. We are helpful in accessing all venues, but unfortunately not all venues are designed for easy access for everyone. Contact billett@borealisfetsival.no in advance if you need assistance.

ALDEA (C. Sundtsgate 55)
Aldea is an artist-driven platform established in 2018. At their premises at Nordnes, workshops, galleries, studio communities and residency programs are run, from a stated desire to use innovation, collaboration and entrances in art, design and technology, to push creative boundaries.
Refreshment: more info soon
Wheelchair: Accesible
Accessible toilet: Yes
Hearing impaired facility: No

Our beautiful public library is centrally located between the train station and Bergen Storsenter. This is a popular place for the city’s population to gather with event activity all year.
Here Borealis Conversation is organized, Bergen Student Radio will broadcast live and you can also find the Borealis Library and our Radio Space listening stations.
Refreshments: Amalies Hage – a nice café and bar in the library that serves light meals, coffee and has a good selection of juice
Wheelchair: Accessible (Elevator in the café)
Accessible toilet: Yes
Hearing impaired facility: No

Bergen International Culture Center was founded in 1993 as a meeting place for immigrant organizations in Hordaland. 26 years later, the center counts 70 member organizations and is an important place for inclusion and cultural exchange in Bergen.
This is where our family concert Konsertsirkus! will take place on Saturday as well as our closing concert LOVE and party on Sunday.
Refreshments: Saturday – Konsertsirkus! Café, Hallaisen & Tedragen. Sunday – open bar before and after performance.
Wheelchair: Limited access. Stairlift with built-in seat up to the concert hall in 2nd floor. No possibility to attach a wheelchair.
Accessible toilet: Only in the 1st floor
Hearing impaired facility: No
Universal design for the blind

BERGEN KINO, MB1 (Magnus Bardots gate 12)
Borealis takes over the movie theater MB1. No commercials before Borealis movies. Remember to buy popcorn before the movie starts – which is precisely on time.
Refreshments: The cinema has a kiosk.
Wheelchair: Accessible, spots for 2 wheelchairs
Accessible toilet: Yes
Hearing impaired facility: No

The building, which houses both Bergen Kunsthall, Landmark, Upstairs and a nice bookstore, was designed by architect Ole Landmark in the 1930s. Borealis is present here throughout the festival. In addition to concerts and events, you will also find our Festival Office here from Wednesday to Sunday, open from 11.00 to 16.00. Here you will meet representatives from Borealis who will be able to answer any questions you may have and sell you tickets for the festival.
Landmark is Bergen Kunsthall’s own café, bar, project room, concert scene and night club ; with its solid green floor carpet, is a popular place for coffee meetings and fish soup.
Refreshments: Landmark has a rich selection of food and drink, and is open before, during and after events
Wheelchair: During the day there is access from the short side of the building, call the bell, and someone will come and open. During the evening events at Landmark, there are doormen outside the front door who are ready to help wheelchair users enter the glass door to the right of the main entrance.
Accessible toilet: Yes
Hearing impaired facility: No

Bergen Piano Shop is Bergen’s largest and oldest piano store, with a total of 54 years of activity. For the 50th anniversary in 2015, the store opened up for occasional concerts inside the store. Sunday, Borealis takes over the store with two performances.
Refreshments: No
Wheelchair: Located on street level with a small threshold.
Accessible toilet: No
Hearing impaired facility: No

BERGEN STASJON (Strømgaten 4)
The train station in Bergen is a gray brick building from 1913. Besides taking the train to Oslo, Voss, Myrdal, Flom, Hallingdal and Arna, this year you can also experience Borealis inside the actual railway hall on Saturday.
Refreshments: There are kiosks and a café in the railway hall
Wheelchair: Accessible
Accessible toilet: Yes
Hearing impaired facility: No

CINEMATEKET I BERGEN (Georgernes Verft 12)
Cinemateket is located at USF Verftet and is a cinema focusing on what they call essential film history. Here we will show films by the Mexican filmmaker Manuela De Laborde during the opening night of Borealis 2019, and Reality-based Audio Workshop: Mongstad takes place on Sunday 10 March – a sonic journey into the refinery at Mongstad.
Refreshments: It is allowed to bring food and drinks from Kafé Kippers into the cinema room.
Wheelchair: Accessible. 1 wheelchair spot at first row
Accessible toilet: Yes
Hearing impaired facility: No

Hordaland Kunstsenter (HKS) was established in 1976 as the first artist-run art center in Norway. Its exhibition room presents local, national and international artists. There is also a special bookstore with a wide selection of journals and professional books related to the contemporary art field.
Borealis has its office here all year round, and during the festival you will find a listening station for Radio Space here.
Refreshments: Coffee & Tea
Wheelchair: Accessible. No automatic door opener, but friendly staff
Accessible toilet: No
Hearing impaired facility: No

LYDGALLERIET (Østre skostredet 3)
Originally initiated by a group of musicians, sound artists and art historians almost 15 years ago, Lydgalleriet is currently Norway’s only gallery for sound art. Together with Ekkofestivalen they run Østre – house for sound art and electronic music in Skostredet.
Refreshments: No
Wheelchair: Accessible
Accessible toilet: Yes
Hearing impaired facility: No

NORDNES SJØBAD (Nordnesparken 30)
In summer, Nordnes Sjøbad has a heated salt water pool, children’s pool, sauna and sea bathing. What is new this year is that they stay open for winter bathing in the sea every Thursday! During Borealis, they will stay open for the Borealis audience and other bathers on Sunday the 10th of March.
Refreshments: Hallaisen & Tedragen serves hot food and drinks during the Borealis event on Sunday.
Wheelchair: Sjøbadet has a wheelchair lift. With a wheelchair it is easiest to get to by car, as the sea bath is in a very steep hill. Call Nordnes Sjøbad on tel: 46904965 (only in use during opening hours), if you want help with the lift. There is no specially adapted wardrobe or facility for swimming.
Accessible toilet: Yes
Hearing impaired facility: No

NYKIRKEN (Strandgaten 197 B)
Underneath the church floor lies the ruins of the old archbishop’s court from the end of the 13th century. The church was built on these ruins in 1621 and has since been affected by both fires and explosions. Especially the church’s spire has been restored many times, but the white and green spire has now been left in peace since the last reconstruction in 1955.
Refreshments: No
Wheelchair: Entry from the garden
Accessible toilet: Yes
Hearing impaired facility: No

ST. JAKOB KIRKE (Jonas Reins gate 2)
St. Jakob’s church is Bergen’s cultural church for young people. The church has a small cultural house, with stage, sound studio and media room, as well as regular events for youth.
Refreshments: No
Wheelchair: more info comes
Accessible toilet: more info comes
Hearing impaired facility: No

STUDIO BERGEN (Nøstegaten 119)
Studio Bergen is the residency of Carte Blanche, Norway’s national company for contemporary dance. Borealis will take over the venue for two amazing performances.
Refreshments: The bar is open before and after performance
Wheelchair: Accessible. 3 spots for wheelchairs.
Accessible toilet: Yes
Hearing impaired facility: No

USF VERFTET (Georgernes Verft 12)
In this old fabric, about 200 established artists, musicians and cultural organizations have their workplace. During the opening evening, we take over many of the venues inside this culture house.
Refreshments: Bar in Røkeriet, Kafé Kippers serves food and drinks.
Wheelchair: Accessible. 2 disabled parking spaces.
Accessible toilet: Yes
Hearing impaired facility: No

WRAP (Møllendalsveien 58)
Wrap is an artist-run project hub that houses workshops, residencies and rents out equipment for artists. The center is located next to the newly opened Faculty of Arts, Music and Design. It is 20 minutes walk from the Festplassen or the bus nr.12 from Festplassen K drives you directly to Møllendalsveien.
Refreshments: more info comes
Wheelchair: Accessible
Accessible toilet: Yes
Hearing impaired facility: No