Practical Info

Welcome to Bergen and Borealis 2020!

This page will help you out with some practical info on our tickets, accesibility, venues, and nice places to stay, eat & drink. We want you to experience the best of Borealis and Bergen.

First of all: bring warm and waterproof clothing. March is almost springtime and the temperatures will be sneaking in to the plus zone, but it’s worth to remember that Bergen has the same amount of rainy days as a rainforest. Bring a raincoat with you, if you have one. Be prepared! As they say in Norway: ‘Det finnes ikke dårlig vær. Det finnes bare dårlige klær’: There’s no bad weather, just bad clothes!



Tickets can be purchased here on our website, at or at the door for each event.
We accept Vipps, credit card and cash at the door.

There is limited capacity for some events, and we ask everyone to meet up well in advance to secure a spot or a seat.

The doors open 30 min. before announced concert or event start.

Festival Pass gives access to all events during Borealis, Day Pass for a specific day. Please note that access with both passes is dependent on available capacity. We therefore ask everyone with Festival Pass and Day Pass to meet up well in advance. You can also reserve a spot for specific events by sending an e-mail to with your name and event – no later than 3 days before the event takes place.


We want to help you access all venues, but unfortunately not all venues are equipped with the same level of accessibility. We wish to facilitate for everyone, so please feel free to contact so we can plan any assistance. Also see more info about each venue below.

Borealis accepts Companion Certificate. Ordinary ticket is purchased and it is then free access for the companion. Please let us know beforehand at, so we can reserve 2 spots and clarify accessibility. More information on accessibility for our venues follows below.

Age Limit:

Some venues have age limits when alcohol is served at the bar. But Borealis is for everyone, so you just need to be accompanied by an adult, who then fills out the Guardian form. The guardian must have their own ticket as well.


For Borealis visitors we have a good hotel deal with Augustin Hotel, Grand Hotel Terminus and Hotel Zander K. All hotels are located centrally in Bergen. Book your hotel at and type the code “bore123” in the Promo Code and then enter date and number of people. Festival prices will then appear.

Eat and drink:

Below you will find our favorite restaurants and cafes. Norwegians are one of the nations who drink the most coffee in the world.

Landmark Café
Rasmus Meyers allé 5

Godt Brød

Vetrlidsallmenningen 19, Vestre Torggaten 2, Muséplassen 3

Øvre Korskirkeallmenning 5

Vaskerelven 14

Kafe Special
Christies gate 13

Bergen Kaffebrenneri
Kong Christian Frederiksplass 6

Skostredet 5

Christiesgate 11

Amalies hage
Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek
Strømgaten 16

Venues (continuously updated as we release the programme for Borealis 2020):

Borealis doesn’t have one permanent venue where we present our festival. We use the whole city and can have as many as 16 different venues where we organise events during the festival. All venues will be well marked so you can find us! Several places serve refreshments so you can have a drink before and after the event. We are helpful in accessing all venues, but unfortunately not all venues are designed for easy access for everyone. Contact in advance if you need assistance.

GRIEGHALLEN (Edvard Griegs plass 1) Grieghallen is a 1,500 seat concert hall located on Edvard Griegs’ square in the city center of Bergen. Grieghallen was named in honor of Bergen-born composer Edvard Grieg. It serves as the home of the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra.

Refreshments: The bar is open during concerts, serving both alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages in addition to sweet and savoury snacks

Wheelchair access: Yes

Accessible toilets: Yes

KODE 2 (Rasmus Meyers allé 3) This great art museum is placed right in the heart of Bergen. KODE 2 is the main venue for temporary exhibitions. The architect of this museum building was Sverre Lied and it opened in 1978 in order to present the extensive art gift from the businessman Rolf Stenersen, given to the museum in 1971.

Refreshments: At the ground floor, you’ll find Bergen’s largest art bookstore with a large selection of books on the visual arts, architecture, photography and design, as well as publications and books tied to the museum’s collections and exhibitions. Here you’ll also find the Café Smakverket where they have great lunch and coffee!

Wheelchair access: KODE is accessible for disabled guests and wheelchair users, either directly via ramps, or by wheelchair elevators. There are elevators in all buildings. Parking spaces for the physically disabled are located right outside Rasmus Meyers allé 7 (KODE 3). All buildings are equipped with disabled toilets.

Accessible toilets: Yes

STUDIO BERGEN (Nøstegaten 119) is Carte Blanche’s – The Norwegian National Company of Contemporary Dance home venue. The house has a black-box scene and can fit up til 160 audience members.

Refreshments: There is a bar

Wheelchair access: Yes, max. 3

Accessible toilets: Yes