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Peter Meanwell, Artistic Director & Tine Rude, Managing Director:

Borealis Ung Komponist 2020/21

Borealis 2020

Borealis Ung Komponist 2019/20

Borealis 2019

Borealis 2018

Borealis 2017

Press Releases and Newsletters

Borealis 2020

THANK YOU #borealis 2020
Borealis Listening Club #28
Borealis Listening Club #27
Newsletter January: FULL PROGRAMME RELEASE Borealis 2020
Newsletter December
Borealis 2020 *Programme Release*: Stine Janvin – SOLD (a dog and pony show)[PR]
Borealis Listening Club #26
Newsletter November
Borealis 2020 *Programme Release*: Elaine Mitchener – SWEET TOOTH [PR]
Borealis Listening Club #25
Newsletter October
Borealis 2020 *Programme Release*: Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, Therese B. Ulvo, Marius Neset, Stein Urheim, Jørgen Træen, Knut Vaage, BIT20 Ensemble [PR]
Borealis Listening Club #24
Newsletter September
Borealis 2020 *Programme Release*: Smerz, Ole Martin Meland & Carte Blanche – Øy [PR]
Newsletter August

Borealis 2019

Newsletter August
Newsletter June
Newsletter May
New term till 2024 for Artistic Director Peter Meanwell [PR]
Newsletter March
Newsletter January – Full Programme Release Borealis 2019
Full Programme Release Borealis 2019 [PR]
Newsletter December
Programme release #3 : Borealis 2019! [PR]
Newsletter November
Programme release #2 : Borealis 2019! [PR]
Newsletter October
Newsletter September
Newsletter August

Borealis 2018
Newsletter June
Return of the Sponge People
Thank you for Borealis 2018
Newsletter February 2018
Newsletter January 2018 [Programme Release]
Borealis 2018 – Programme Realease [PR]
Newsletter December 2017
Newsletter November 2017
Newsletter October 2017
Newsletter September 2017
Newsletter August 2017

Borealis 2017
Newsletter June 2017
Newsletter May 2017
Newsletter April 2017
Newsletter February 2017
Borealis 2017 – Programme Realease [PR]
Newsletter January 2017
Newsletter December 2016
New Artists Announced for Borealis 2017 [PR]
Newsletter November 2016
Borealis teams up with the NEXT festival in Slovakia [PR]
Newsletter October 2016
Newsletter September 2016
Newsletter August 2016

Borealis 2016
Newsletter June 2016
The first look at the Borealis 2016 programme! [Programme Release]

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