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We are looking for volunteers that can work with ticketing, rigging, artist services, runner, admin, information, transport, catering, decor and lots of other fun tasks! As a volunteer you get to see how the festival works from the inside and meet lots of interesting new people, have great concert experiences and last but not least you get certified work experience.

If you have any questions about being a volunteer at Borealis 2020 don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Volunteer Coordinator Essia Hidoussi:  frivillig@borealisfestival.no.

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We hope you want to experience Borealis from the inside as a volunteer!

Working areas and volunteer tasks at Borealis 2020

Artist Host
Artists, musicians and composers from all over the world arrive in Bergen for Borealis. As an Artist Host, your mission will be to help them keep track of their schedule, so they are in the right place at the right time, and to make sure they have a pleasant and enjoyable stay during the festival. You’ll have to be available to the artist(s) for the whole stay. Previous experience from similar work is valued.

Do you have a driving license, know your way around Bergen and like chatting to new people? Join the transport crew in their quest for making sure that artists and guests get where they need to be, as well as helping the festival team when needed. You’ll meet a bunch of amazing artists, delegates and crew from all over the world and be Borealis’ representative when they arrive in Bergen for the festival. If you love people and cars – sign up!

Festival Host 
Are you service minded, outgoing and like working with people? As a Festival Host you’ll be greeting the audience when they arrive at a venue, making sure they have the right credential, checking that the venue is ready and looks welcoming before and after a concert, and be available for questions from the audience. As a Festival Host you are Borealis, and you’ll have an important role in making our audience having a good time in a nice and welcoming venue.

Festival Kitchen
Do you like cooking? Would you like to take part in creating a unique space where all Borealis artists, delegates, volunteers and employees can come to fill both tummies and hearts? If so, you should become part of the Festival Kitchen! You’ll be guided by our two amazing artist chef’s that put heart, soul and hard work into making a Festival Kitchen that has everyone coming out of the 5 days heat of the festival healthy, happy and full. A lot of the time is spent in the kitchen preparing meals and sending out food to different venues. The job also includes making sure lunch and dinner is served smoothly.

Poster and Programme Book Distribution (start up January – free during the festival)
Spread the word! Do you like walking and being outside? Then this is the job for you. We need YOU to distribute our posters, flyers and programme books around the beautiful city of Bergen. Ensuring the visibility of the upcoming festival is your main task, and is a vital part of the marketing strategy of the festival. The working period is well in advance of the festival from January to March, which means you are completely free during the festival!

Rigging (before, during and after the festival)
No rig, no festival. We need you to help us build up the festival structure. The stages and venues need to be altered depending on the concert, instruments needs to be carried, sound and light need to be right for the Borealis events to come alive. This job can include some heavy lifting, and late nights – but always in good company and as part of a team. You’ll get insight into what work is laid down before and after a concert, and how to produce a cultural event. You’ll also be involved in thinking about how a venue should look and be decorated for the audience to have the best possible experience and meet artists with amazing visions that you’ll be putting into life.

Problems sitting still? In the course of a festival there’s always things that needs fixing. As a runner you’ll be the one helping out when and where needed. This job gives you an insight into lots of different areas of making a festival and the absolute inner workings and processes. If you want to work as much as possible, and like to keep busy and moving – this is the job for you!

Shift Leader
Are you a good communicator and want to take on some extra responsibility? Do you have experience in leading groups of people? Then this might be the perfect job for you! We are searching for people who can lead different groups of co-volunteers during bigger events and be the link between the volunteers and the venue producer. Your job will be making sure the volunteers know what they are doing, and that it’s a nice shift for everyone involved.

Tickets and Information
Are you organised and like to talk to new people? As part of the Ticket and Information Team you’ll be responsible for ticket sales at the door at various venues, ticket controls and running the Festival Office. You are often the first Borealis representative the audience meet, and so we’re looking for positive people that can keep calm and stay organised when it gets busy. You also have to get to know the programme well so you are able to answer the audience if they have any questions in regard to the concerts, times, venues etc.